It has 808nm gold-standard wavelength for safe, effective, permanent, comfortable hair removal. Faster and more powerful, 808nm Diode Laser wavelength with high melanin absorption is the ideal wavelength for all unwanted hair.

It provides hair removal with its ultra-enhanced cooling system effect and working system targeting only the hair root. Suitable for all skin and hair types in 4 seasons.

As a result of 15 years of experience and clinical researches, it is the product of software and hardware studies that will maximize customer and client satisfaction.

Improved filter and diaphragm water pump technologies ensure high flow rate and stable pure water circulation.

Thanks to the data received with temperature and flow sensors from four points in the device, epilation is provided with maximum safety.

Device Features

Device Power


Operating Voltage

220-230VAC 50Hz

Circulating Water Cooling Type


Light Source

Laser Diode Bar


15" Color Resistive Display

Handpiece Features

Light Spectrum

808nm - 810nm

Header Cooling System


Shot Speed

1 - 10 Hz Adjustable

Shot Duration

9 - 288 ms Adjustable

Maximum Optical Power


Header Cooling Duct

Macro Channel

Number of Bars

24 Bar USA Technology

Application Area

33x12 mm